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Raspberry Picking

Yesterday, when we went for our outing, we headed for some of the local farms to get some *really* fresh fruit. It actually started as an outing for the kids to go enjoy the pumpkin patch and the corn maze. Both of those things turned out to be "soooo boring" and we swiftly looked for other things to do.

So, off to some of the farms to see if we could find some pony rides or something like that. What we found were autumn raspberries, honey crisp apples, the last of the peaches for the season, and we picked up some pears off the ground after the pickers had already picked off the trees. Mom's making peach/pineapple jam, pear butter, and apple butter and canning (why do they call it canning when you're using jars?) them for use during the winter. We also grabbed up some fresh tomatoes to stew and freeze for later in the winter. There's nothing like the taste of fresh picked, even if it comes out of the freezer.

Anyway, while we were picking raspberries, I figured that this was just going to be my fruit for the afternoon. I think I ate 3x the amount of raspberries I was allowed, but YUMMY!! Pick, pick, pick, eat, eat, pick, pick, pick, eat, eat, pick...

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