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Autumn Bliss Soup

An old favorite in my family during the autumn change is cream of broccoli soup. Basically, the ingredients we normally use follow the protocol, so it was just a matter of reducing the regular amounts used for a whole family down to the recipe for one. I didn't quite get there and the recipe that follows is enough for two. So, make one for yourself today and freeze the other to take with you to work tomorrow and warm up all morning in your wee little crock pot. Everyone will be soooo jealous - I promise!

Here's the sharesies:

Autumn Bliss Soup (160 calories per serving)
Makes two servings
100g chicken (110 calories per serving)
2c broccoli (50 calories per serving)
2c water
2T chicken boullion
2T onion, chopped (large if you're really really strict about not mixing veggies)
2T milk
1t celery seed
1 or 2 bay leaves
1T butter buds
Chop up broccoli so that each florette is divided into about 5 pieces and keep the stalk. Steam the broccoli so it's about half done. Take off the oven and add 3/4 of this to the blender and puree it completely. Cut the remaining 1/4 of the broccoli into spoon size bites and set aside. To your soup pan, bring water, boullion, onion, milk, celery seed, bay leaves and butter buds to a boil. Pound chicken thin and slice into bite sized pieces, add to soup pan. When chicken is cooked completely, add all the broccoli to the soup pan and let simmer 15 minutes.
Immediately pull out the bay leaves or they'll just continue to get strong in the soup. At this point, you could also pull out the onion, too. Serve hot.

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