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Just THREE days left to enter the contest!

I've got ONE desert entry! I'm calling for those in particular!! Not everyone has sent pictures yet, so their recipe entries aren't quite complete (don't forget the pictures, K?), but I've emailed everyone to remind them of that...

The directions are right here.

Here's some ideas for the Main Dish:
  • A crock pot recipe. They make little bitty crock pots that you can even take to work and let your meal stew while you're working. It would make EVERYONE jealous of what you're eating. :)
  • A sweet and tart chutney recipe for the roast beef.
  • Easy carry meals (for when you're away from home).
  • Use some "unusual" spices - maybe Mediteranian? Lebanese? Japanese? German? Native American?
  • Use some unusual liquids (Zevia, Tea, Coffee)

Desert recipe ideas:
  • Orange glaze over an orange
  • Raspberry jam
  • Spiced Grapefruit
  • Use some unusual liquids (Zevia, Tea, Coffee)
Again, I really hope you aren't intimidated by the recipes I post here - use them as inspiration or a jumping off point for something that you put your own "stamp" on. Use them to help rather than hold you back. We've all got different cooking backgrounds and places our families come from - pull from that (your Mom/Aunts/Grandmas/Dads/Uncles/Grandpas) and experiment!

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