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Emotional Eating

During my journey to release weight, I've become consciously aware of the link between what I'm craving to eat and what I'm feeling at the time that I'm craving that particular type of food.

It's easier to do than it sounds. You just have to stop and think about what you're really trying to do. Just be aware of what you want to eat and recognize the emotion you're feeling.

For me, I finally figured out that I want cheese when I want to punish someone in my family that I can't punish. I punished them by making them be with someone fat. I wanted salty carbs when I was feeling insecure and nervous about doing something where I might fail. I wanted chocolate when I wasn't feeling well that actually turned out to be a magnesium deficiency...

My point is that, when I feel like I want to eat something in particular (fats, carbs, sweets), I am now aware of the emotion behind it because I stop and bring that subconscious action of eating to the present and link it to the emotion I'm feeling. I can honor that emotion and get to the root cause of it rather than allow the cycle to continue (of self-sabatoge or absolutely insane ways of punishing others by punishing myself).

It's a real releasing feeling - freedom from need of food because you feel something. It's liberating to have control of yourself and your future once you recognize the core of why you're eating the stuff you're eating.

I hope each of you get to experience your subconscious feelings on a conscious level...


  1. HA! What does it mean when I always want a big fudgey goody brownie? I want that all the time so I don't think it's emotional just my stupid cravings always lurking. That is cool you have realized what your craving mean to you. Huge step forward. Thanks for your blog, It's helping me out so much.

  2. Hmmm. Well, Kersten, it's all chocolate, so maybe you should try the magnesium supplement and "toss it back" with my White Dark Cocoa?


    Of course, I'm no nutritionalist - but when I wanted chocolate, it had nothing to do with wanting the sweet stuff at all. I got the same affect in my body with the magnesium/stevia cocoa.

    Glad to read you're enjoying my blog!


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