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Celtic Sea Salt, a quick study

My nutritionalist told me that I should be eating *only* celtic sea salt while following the HCG Protocol. I do a lot of research in nutrition and alternative methods of healing (ie: Quantum Touch, Qi Gong, QXCI, RIFE, sound therapy, star sound therapy) so I already knew about the benefits of celtic sea salt vs regular white table salt. But I thought it might make sense to ensure that you all know why, too.

Let's start with just what the regular iodized table salt is. Table salt is also known as refined salt and contains between 97% and 99% sodium chloride. Iodine in the form of potassium iodide, sodium iodide, or sodium iodate is then sprayed onto the sodium chloride crystals and *poof* you get the white salt that Morton's, the most popular salt in America, sells. Interestingly, the only reason salt isn't as pure sodium chloride as possible is because WWI brought a wide spread problem, goiter, to light in that it disqualified large quantities of men from the Pacific Northwest and the Great Lakes areas from serving in the war! So, we can thank WWI, goiter, and government's concern that there weren't enough soldiers for the iodine added back into the salt.

Originally, salt contained 82 minerals and trace elements necessary for the body to have good digestion, aid in the detox process, fight infection and disease, replenishing electrolytes, restoring the balance of alkalinity, amongst other things. Health Free's website goes into great detail about the health benefits of sea salt. The form of salt available, that I'm aware of, that provide the 82 trace elements today is celtic sea salt. Celtic Sea Salt, the salt from that brand name, contains 75 of the original minerals and trace elements.

When shopping for salt, ensure that your salt looks "dirty," meaning it has a gray or pink look to it, rather than a WHITE white appearance. That way, you know that you're getting all your trace minerals & elements in your diet, rather than just sodium chloride.

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