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Butter Buds, a quick study

Ok, so it's time to take a look at Butter Buds. I use it in my recipes to bring out the flavors in some foods that really just can't be done unless you can have butter.

Basically, it's got 10 calories per teaspoon, and 2g carbs. It's the 2g carbs that gets people concerned. But if you look closely at the label, you'll see that it shows there are no sugars and no fats.

So, what's the carbs from? The FAQ at Butter Buds says it's main ingredient is a derivative of corn. Corn, on the nutrition data website, is 82% carbohydrates. So, the carbs in Butter Buds is from the corn it's made of.

Corn, strictly speaking, isn't on the Protocol. In fact, as it's so starchy, it's not allowed on Phase 3 until the last of it, when you're transitioning into Phase 4 and reintroducing starches and sugars back into your diet.

As starches are allowed in the form of the grissini stick or the melba toast and/or some of the veggies (for instance the tomatoes), I made the call that this was a possible allowed product on Phase 2. I checked in with my nutritionalist about it, got the thumbs up, and am now using it in my recipes on occasion.

I think the key to using something like Butter Buds is to use it in moderation. With a single teaspoon being 10 calories, I'm sure that you'll agree that it's a thing to use in similar fashion as the tablespoon of milk.

Sparingly, but still allowed!

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