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Supper Menu

Tonight, we have crab on the menu. I wasn't sure how to make a "patty" out of it, though, so it's more like tossed crab salad. It tasted good before I tossed it into the toaster oven, though! After we ate it, we decided the original recipe needed some serious tweaking. I put the ingredients that we originally used there, but in white, so if you want to read it, you just highlight it. We thought the lemon sort of spoiled the crab and we thought the whole thing was a waste of the breadstick we used in the original recipe. :) However, after playing with the cauliflower, we determined that it would have made a much better "food glue" and thought that it would be easier to crisp up, too, so it would sort of be like a crab cake and have some shape instead of just a pile of flavored crab beside a heap of cauliflower.

Here's the recipe:

Tossed Crab Salad (55+veggie75 calories)
100g crab (55 calories)
1 grissini breadstick (20 calories)
1/2 t lemon juice
Cauliflower (mashed up to the consistency you desire)
1/4 t garlic powder
1/4 t onion powder
salt and pepper to taste
Put the breadstick into a baggie, cover the baggie and beat it until it's just crumbs. Add crab, cauliflower,breadstick crumbs, lemon juice, garlic & onion to a small bowl and mix completely. Add a very little salt and pepper, taste, then add more of any of the seasonings you feel it needs. Pull out an 8 inch square of foil, form the crab mixture into a patty shape and pour the crab into the middle and fold the foil into a pocket place on foil. Toss in the toaster oven at 350* for about 5 minutes, serve and enjoy.

We ate this with cauliflower tonight - a white meal. :)

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