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Questions from a fellow hCGer (and my answers)

Pamela M. wrote in to ask some questions:

Hi how are u? I have a few questions hope u can clarify....How long do I stay on the diet is it 23 days (round 1)? also is it best to take the drops as soon as I get up, or after I eat? after the 23 days it says to go off the drops for 48-72 hrs,..is it 48 or is it 72hrs with no drops? phase 3 is slowly adding fats & more calories how long is that? then it says phase 4 what is that? 21 days?? sorry for all the ques but Im so confused thx

My answer:

Hi Pamela!

I'm doing very well, thank you for asking! Other than being confused, how are you doing? Let's see if I can clerify for you...

I'm staying on the protocol for 40 days. But I've also heard that you can do a 28 day and a 60 day - your choice.

I take 10 drops as soon as I get up, then 10 more just before lunch, followed by 10 more just before dinner. It's best, if you're taking the homeopathic drops to wait at least 10-30 minutes before eating.

After the time you're on protocol (phase 2), you stop the drops but stay on the 500 calories for the next 72 hours. So, do drops the last day, last dinner, then count 72 hours before you go back up to the 1500-2000 calories per day.

Phase 3, you get to add back in the oils and fats and increase your caloric intake to between 1500 and 2000 per day. Don't go under the 1500, though, or you risk your body going into starvation mode. Phase 4 is when you start adding back the starches and sugars. I'm told that you should add those back in carefully or you'll make your stomach upset after having been denied those things for so long. :)

Hope that helps out!


Pamela wrote back to get a little bit more clear picture:

You are so nice for helping me......On phase 3 how long is that part of the diet for? i also read to keep track of the pounds during this phase..not to gain or loose more than 2 & if u do go immediately on a steak day...is that right?

And my response:

Yes, Phase 3 is for 21 days. And you're right on target about +/-2# and go immediately to a steak day. Absolutely. "Phase 4" isn't really a phase at all, but rather allowing yourself to eat "normally."

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