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Not a happy camper

This week, I've not lost a single pound - all week! I thought I did one day, but it turned out that it was just that I weighed in my jammies instead of my clothes. I've never experienced a whole week of feeling like I was going to start *any time now* and then just not.

So, my cycle (grrrrr) has cost me about 14 pounds of weight loss, near as I can calculate.

Today, I experienced my first bad effect of this protocol. Of course, it is during my cycle, so I'm not sure how much I can count it as part of the protocol. I was working working working (we're moving tools from the storage center to the shop so we can get it all set up) and suddenly, without warning, my blood sugar just dropped out the bottom. When that happens, you feel all shakey and like you're going to sick up. However, I didn't have anything in my stomach, so was reasonably sure I wasn't going to do that. I didn't have any meat cooked up yet, so had to wait the 10 minutes it took to cook up some shrimp from frozen. I napped while it was cooking, then crawled over to get the protein. I did NOT CHEAT! It was definitely hard not to, considering I still have cheese (parmesean and dubliner's) and some sliced ham for the kids' lunch in the frig and that would normally be what I'd grab first. I'm always careful to keep protein in my system, as I discovered that it's the true key to holding off low blood sugar.

For the record, I'm not diabetic - I've just always been susceptable to low blood sugar when there's not enough protein in my system.

My Mom says I should just push through it, but with the after headache of the low blood sugar and the awful cramps I've had since 2AM, I am not a happy camper.
Ugh. Enough of my whining. I've got a new recipe to share with you for a desert next. Stay tuned.

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