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This afternoon, Mom found a family who put all their extra vegetables out on the curb with a free sign. The majority of what was there was tomatoes and jalapaneos. With all those *fresh* veggies in the kitchen, we decided to do a repeat of the Chicken Tomatoe Soup-erior dish we already came up with. It was even better this time than I recall it being the first time. If you haven't given that a shot, I highly recommend it.

The other thing she did was pickle and candy the jalapaneos. I don't know how those taste, save that she's been after a spot to get them from for a LONG time. So, even though she can't have them now, she's canning them for later. LOL!

It occurred to me this evening, after our meal and just before writing this post, that Mom and I are 25% of the way through this protocol. I'm stuck at 22# off, she's stuck at 8# off. Nothing to sneeze at, granted, but still. Stuck is stuck. All in all, though, it's really not a bad place to be a quarter of the way into this.

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