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Egg Day!

Today, I've decided to try something that's not in the Pounds and Inches book. I've heard from a forum that I frequent about a Phase 2 Egg Day. It takes the place of the Apple Day and is ONLY used for breaking a stall. The gist of it is that you eat 6 WHOLE eggs through out the day - 3 for lunch, 3 for dinner.

I think it's supposed to simulate the loading days, as the yolks have quite a bit of fat in them - 14g each yolk, in fact. I did break my last stall of 13 days, with a QXCI session from Tami (daniels at gorge dot net), where I get my hCG for just $25 a bottle. (Aside: She sells all the vitamins you should be taking, including the hCG for only $118 + s/h, too!) QXCI is kind of expensive, though at $150 per 2 hour session and I can't use that every time I'm at a stall. Two days after the QXCI, I released 4 pounds. Since then, Monday, I've been at the same 305.4# day in and day out. WHAT is my body doing?? It should be just melting the fat away - I've been SO good while following this protocol.

So, for educational purposes, here's what I'm doing today - from the forum:

The egg day is used in place of an apple day to break a stall/plateau ONLY.

For me, I eat 6 eggs a day, for a total of 447 calories for the eggs. Along about mid-morning, I boil all 6 eggs. While they are still warm, I slice three of them with my egg slicer, season with salt and pepper, and eat them with a fork. For some reason that seems more filling to me than just eating them whole, adding salt & pepper as I eat.
This usually holds me until dinner time.

I'm never hungry when I do an egg day and I'm usually down at least one pound the following morning.

Another post warns us, though:

I did this on my last round and when I did it I would just do the 6 hard boiled eggs straight up spaced maybe 2 or 3 hours apart.

As a cautionary tale...
do not abuse this! I did abuse this during my last round and now that I'm on P3 my beloved P3 egg days won't work anymore. The first time I used it I was going to be traveling and stuck in a hospital all day so it was more of a convenience thing, but then I did it I think 2 more times just to try to get down to a certain weight, and a little because I'm lazy too and can buy bags of peeled cooked hard boiled eggs at my Trader Joe's and I get really sick of meat by the end of P2.

Thanks for starting this thread Regina b/c I really didn't put 2 and 2 together until right now, but I think this is why regular egg days aren't working for me anymore.

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