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Apple Day & low blood sugar

So, I've got two apples left today and one tomorrow morning upon waking. I had some trouble with the blood sugar trying to drop out the bottom, so I grabbed some cinnamon powder pills (300mg each) and took one of those each time I ate an apple. I suppose I could have cooked the apple and made them the Baked Cinnamon Apple, but this was just faster. I was busy today and didn't want to bother with cooking. :)

And, I discovered something this morning! I did my previous Apple Day incorrectly. I was supposed to eat 5 apples during the first day, the 6th upon waking the next morning and I'm NOT to drink water unless I absolutely feel I must. Last time, I ate all 6 apples in one day and drank as much water as I could stand, as it was 95* out. So, oops. :) No wonder the plateau didn't break!

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