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Tomorrow is day one. I'm not doing the shots, but rather the homeopathic route. I weighed today at 327 and I don't recall my measurements, but my upper arm is at 18.5". Ouch.

I've no idea when I got this big, but know that I haven't been able to successfully keep weight off with a "regular diet" nor with "sensible eating and regular exercise." I was looking for something drastic that would propell me out of the crummy place that quite a few of us are in as we get older. Of course, for myself, even at "younger," I couldn't get the weight off and keep it off. :( So, here I am at 37.5, 327#. It's time for something like HCG. It's time for it NOW.

With that said, the HCG diet starts off scary for someone who's been working so hard to delete fats from her diet in the first place. The first two days are "load up" days. Instructions are simple: Eat as much fatty foods as you can for those two days. What's the payload? Well, supposedly, the load up acts as a primer for a pump. You help the HCG stuff and your hypothalmus recognize what the excess fat looks like and then, on day 3, you drop down to 500 calories a day and stay there for the next 37 days. On day 3, the hypothalmus starts looking around for the excess fats and, not finding it in the stomach, looks for it elsewhere in the body. Then the melting of your body starts.

At least, that's my understanding of it.

I'm told that, as long as I "load up" really heavily, I'll lose more faster over Phase 2, which is the 500 calories per day time.

I'll tell you what, here's hopin'!

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