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Not hungry at all *pleasant surprise*

So, it's 6 o'clock and I've had a whole 235 calories so far. Guess what? I'm not hungry yet. I think I'd better eat so I'm not starving later, but who'd have thought that *I* could live a whole day on just 235 calories? You know, the whole wheat beagles my niece and nephew eat are 230 all by themselves.

This afternoon, I went to the store and got supplies for this diet. Steak, roast, chicken breast, halibut, shrimp, asparagus, cabbage, apples, oranges, cucumbers (yummy - I bought LOTS of those), and some other stuff. When I got home, I cut all the meat up and put it in 100g allotments, stuck 'em in snack baggies, labeled them, and stuck 'em in the freezer. They'll be easy to pull out and thaw the day we need to use them and it'll make the meal process much more quick. Since we're making two separate meals (one for the kids and one for us - Mom and I), that little bit of thaw and go will make life easier.

I ate a braeburn apple this afternoon about 4:00 and I'm enjoying a pot of Rooibus tea. Normally, those apples make me absolutely ravenous. Today, I am quite satisfied with my non-hunger level. It's been so pleasant to eat light today! At least I know I won't be up until after midnight feeling sick to my stomach. :) That counts as a GREAT thing any day.

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