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The list of fats today

Here's my list of fat intake for the day:
  • 8g in 2 doughnuts (persians with frosting) <--shouldn't those have more??
  • 12g in whole milk chai tea
  • 28g in chocolate bar
  • 189g in macadamia nuts
  • 22g in cheese
  • 30g in chips
  • No idea in grams, but a bowl of parmasean cheese popcorn with real butter
  • Essential oils all over me! I can't hardly stand the smell of me!

So, what is that? Around 300g of fat today? Blech. Seriously.

I actually had to double check to make sure I didn't have some sort of a limit on what I was supposed to intake. Tami tells me that I'm doing just what I'm supposed to do, though...

Ugh... I don't feel so well. For really.

I need roughage.

And I have to do it again tomorrow?? :(

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