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The list of fats for day 2

I don't think I can face another can of macadamia nuts ever again. Today, I'm decidedly slowing down on the fat intake - less is making me more sick to my stomach. I'm looking forward to tomorrow when I get to eat closer to the quantity I'd normally eat. It wasn't unusual for me to eat a cucumber for lunch and that was all.

On to my list for today:

  • 8g in doughnuts
  • 60g in cheese
  • 1g in crackers
  • 96g in whole unpasteurized milk
  • 45g in Lindt Truffle bar (HOLY COW!!)
  • I have no idea what's in a bowl of Fettuccine Alfredo, buttered crusty bread, and buttered broccoli but I figure it's got to have at least 100g.
  • Again, no idea how many, but I got in a bowl of ice cream somehow, too.

I genuinely hope that this go round will be the only one I have to do, cuz I *don't* want to have to do this again. Seriously, YUCK! I'm doing (stomach upset-wise) better than yesterday, where I got 9oz of macadamia nuts down, but still wouldn't want a repeat. I've just kept myself just on the brink of the queasy state rather than moving it on to a genuine feeling of needing to leave an offering to the porcelain god.



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