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4kDP: Of bagels and espresso

This morning, I had a brilliant idea.  I'm allowed a piece of bread in the mornings, in addition to my milk.  The slice of bread can be up to 140 calories.  My normal bread has 160 calories, and I've been using that off and on, but I really wanted a bagel this morning.  Historically, I add cream cheese to my toasted bagel.  My bagels are generally the "everything bagels," too, so there's lots of great flavors.

All I had in the freezer today, however, was plain bagels.  I was quite disappointed until I realized that I had a little bit of 0calorie, 0fats, 0, 0, 0 garlic flavored cooking spray.  I had just enough to make a bagel size spot on my frying pan (we use cast for most of our frying).  Since a whole bagel has 230 calories, I just fried one half in my cooking spray.  It was quite delightful!  It had a wonderfully satisfying crunchiness to it and my skinny breve (I think that's an oxymoron) goes with it JUST RIGHT.

 I *feel* completely spoiled right now. That bit is important, because those small things that you can do for yourself while you are HCGing are the things that make you stay ON it.  :)   If you're feeling like you just have to do something out of the norm, try a double helping of one of your choices before you go on a binge and pay for it over the next three days.

Me: -1.6
Mom:  -1.2

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