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Every day life considerations

While I was on HCG, I sort of fell in love with Stevia.  It's got a nice sweet taste and I'm especially partial to the fact that it doesn't mess with your blood sugar levels.  I don't have a problem with blood sugar or diabetes, but I think Stevia may be something that helps me keep it that way.

Mom prefers the powdered Stevias, but I really like the liquid instead.  There's a reason for both, of course, but I'd like to share my reason - as it's something versatile and fun.

I started out with a bottle of regular unflavored liquid Stevia.  But after HCG, I still wanted to have my vanilla breve.  That's tough to do if you're trying to stay away from high fructose corn syrup.  The syrup is where the flavors come from - and the sweetness, but that seems to be an afterthought in the world of Northwestern Espresso.

I grabbed our bottle of *really good* vanilla extract (not vanilla flavoring) and decided to flavor my own Stevia.  From here, I tried out some of the flavorings discovered while on HCG, Capella flavor drops.  We've several flavors left over, so I started experimenting.  This is a complete success!  I found that if you add Cinnamon Coffee Cake flavor to some liquid Stevia, then use that to top off a baked apple, you come up with a cinnamon apple coffee cake that leaves you satisfied.  That little bit, by the way, could be used in any phase of HCG...

I don't have most of the flavors, but I imagine the maple could be used in similar fashion.  I wonder if you could do a little Stevia, a little Capella Maple, and water it down to use as a maple flavoring with bacon and eggs?  I wonder if that would deliver the same basic effect as having a full plate of pancakes or waffles.  Lol.  Probably, that's wishful thinking, but it might be of some use for Phase 3 (no carbs)...

You could even use heavy whipping cream, eggs, stevia, your choice of flavoring and put it all into an ice cream maker and have ice cream while in Phase 3 without botching the process!

Possibilities abound!

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