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Water Games

Getting at least 64oz of water in each day is a daunting task unless you plan it out.  Sometimes you plan carefully, but I think it's better to make a game of it.  Here's some Water Games for you to try out.

  • Get a water buddy!  Select someone you contact several times a day and create an agreement to make sure you start your conversations with a glass of water in hand & that you won't finish your conversation until the water is gone.
  • Break Chugging.  Sounds funny, doesn't it?  The gist is that every time you feel the need to "go," you grab your bottle of water and chug at least three big gulps before entering the bathroom and three big gulps after you leave the bathroom.  The great part about that is that it creates a cycle for the need to "go" sooner!
  • Commercial Sports.  When you sit down to watch TV, make sure you've got a big glass of water next to you.  *Every* new commercial, take a drink of water.  Since there's several commercials in a commercial break, you should be able to get 3-6 drinks of water in that time.

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