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Steps VLCD3: LM Potency notes and discussion

The LM Potency of HCG I made is quite interesting to experience.

For example, this potency seems to be very subjective to coffee.  My first VLCD day, I had coffee; a 20oz Americano.  It wasn't as good as a breve, but ::sighs:: it was still good.  I dropped 2.0#.  The second day, I didn't partake of any coffee and experienced a 3.4# drop.

Another example is camphor.  Mom experienced something similar as I but with Tiger Balm (which has camphor in it) rather than coffee.  VLCD day 1, she had restless leg syndrome kicking in big time.  She usually drinks tonic water and rubs Tiger Balm on her legs, then goes to bed.  Generally, this combination works out.  She saw a 1.2# drop the following day.  VLCD day 2, she didn't experience RLS, so didn't use those products.  Today, she saw a 2.0# drop.

Classically trained homeopaths believe there is an antidote for each remedy created and strong smells/tastes are the key to them, but didn't witness it so clearly with the X Potencies as I did with the LM Potency.  Another homeopath, Miranda Castro, experimented on her whole clinic of patients and didn't deny them anything, but found that the remedies continued to work - for the most part.  She didn't mention in her article what her potencies were, but the most common are X and C, which are made in similar ways.  She summed her findings up this way:
My bottom line–for what it is worth–is this. Anything that affects a person strongly can affect any healing response including one that is due to a homeopathic medicine. Any medicine (whether it is coffee or corticosteroids or cannabis) which has a strong effect on the psyche or substance of a person can counteract a healing response, whether this positive response is due to a homeopathic medicine, an acupuncture treatment or falling in love. Patients whose nervous systems are affected by coffee, or whose headaches are brought on by alcohol need to avoid these substances, at any time but especially while they are pursuing any treatment which seeks to enable healing to take place.
All that said, what am *I* going to do?  I think I'll try my darndest to avoid coffee, but I'm certainly not going to beat myself up over having a shot or two of espresso.  Mom feels similarly; if it helps get rid of RLS but diminishes the weight loss, it's worth it in the end and she's not giving it up, either.

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