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Feb2011 Reader's Digest

Reader's Digest in the next issue (Feb2011) has an interesting article on obesity and how to get thin.  It doesn't mention HCG at all, but does get it almost dead-on for what I found to keep weight stable in the Maintenance part of the HCG Protocol.  Basic idea: All-you-can-eat no-carb diet.  If you *must* have carbs, keep your total daily intake of them at less than 20 net carbs.

A few really interesting things found in the article:

The obesity experts are wrong.
What we tell people to do to lose weight -eat less and exercise- is exactly what you'd do if you wanted to make yourself hungry.
Why do you overeat?  People react to this as though I'm questioning the laws of thermodynamics.  I'm not questioning them.  I'm saying they're not relevant.
You overeat because you've developed a disorder in the way your fat tissue is regulated.
For the most part, you can define an obese person as someone for whom eating less didn't work.
The low fat diet that people have been eating in hopes of protecting their heart is actually bad for their heart.
How accurately do you have to match your calories-in to calories-out so you don't gain more than 20 pounds over the course of a decade?  Because if you gain 20 pounds every decade, you'll go from being lean in your 20s to obese in your 40s, which many of us do.  If you take in an extra 20 calories a day and put it into your fat tissue, you will gain 20 pounds every decade.
Points to take away:

  1. Don't try to limit fat.
  2. Say goodbye to pasta, bread, and rice.
  3. Be picky about veggies and go light on the veggies that grow underground.
  4. Say no to hidden sugars.  Read the labels!
  5. Eat as much as you want when it comes to protein and fat.

All I'm saying to obesity researchers is, Pay attention to the hormonal and ezymatic regulation of the fat tissue. If you do, you'll get a different answer for what causes obesity and what cures it.  Basically, Dr. Atkins go it right with the Atkins diet, although he didn't get all the science right.
You need to eat foods that keep your insulin low & a low-carb diet is key.

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