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Start up (Take 2)

I posted the end of August that we were going to start our next round. Long story short: we didn't do it. Mom went on a Boy Scouts camp out and came home feeling unwell, but each of us took one set of drops anyway when we said we were going to. That afternoon, she took a downhill turn and came down with the flu, so we stopped our start-up until she was feeling better.

Then, we planned, let's start-up on Saturday, then into P2 on Monday (today). Or not. Mother Nature decided to bring me her monthly gift, so we put it on hold again. ::sighs::

However! Off cycle or not, we're starting loading days tomorrow morning and DOING THIS ROUND! :) Both of us are very excited to get going again. We almost crave going back onto P2. When I first started HCG, I *never* thought that I would even think that going back to a VLCD would be something to look forward to. Yet, here I am. It feels good when you're in VLCD. It feels healthy and light.

Yes, it does get boring after a bit, but just going by how my body reacts when in VLCD, I have to say, it does feel good.

So, onward and lessward!

By the way, I've heard tell that Jason's site is back up again, but if you can't get there and feel like you just want to start *NOW,* there's a few options in the Less of Me Store for you - as inexpensive as I could find the drops. Of course, those drops all have alcohol in them, don't provide any support, and there's not even an outline of the diet that comes with the bottles, but all that's online, too. You just have to do a little research. :)

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