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::blech:: Loading Day 2

Whew. I'm so glad that day two is over. I started the day off with a cup and a quarter of heavy whipping cream steamed with my espresso. YIKES! There's 15g of fat in *a* tablespoon of that stuff! 240g of fat in my coffee this morning!!

No wonder I needed a nap this afternoon. lol.

We enjoyed afternoon tea, too, today - peanut butter apples, macadamia nuts, and butter cookies. Mom had chai, I just couldn't do any more liquid fat. Hahaha!

Lastly, we went to Jack-in-the-Box for a final fat intake meal. Those tacos they have are deep fat fried! Holy cow! The fat dripped off them.


Tomorrow, I don't have to eat *anything* for breakfast! Yae!! I think I'll just drink water and hope I don't have to think about food for a day or two. VLCD, here we come! I can't wait!!

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