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ABC video about HCG

They're so close to what's going on with the Protocol, and yet so far off, too...

What are your thoughts about this video?


  1. Overhall, I would say while it didn't outright bash HCG, from having successfully done HCG myself, I could see it was put out by "the mainstream", to not credit HCG either......I do like the fact that it wasn't totally negative, I thought it did give enough basic facts in the beginning to help some people who are open minded to make their own decision....

  2. "So close. . . and yet so far off, too." I don't trust the media at all, especially when I have experienced this protocol and it has helped me release weight that would not budge any other way.

    I have experienced some rocky days, especially during my first round, but my health today has never been better. I have finished two rounds taking the HCG (not HHCG) sublingually. I have lost 35 pounds since Christmas Day and expect to do as many rounds as it takes to lose 35 to 40 pounds more.

    I have not gone through a clinic and find no reason to think that it would be any better. On the forums that I frequent, some of the individuals who have gone to a clinic have been given information that is way outside the parameters of the protocol established by Dr. Simeons.

    I appreciate the testing that you have done to determine the success of some parameter stretchers. For example, I do not like steak and whenever I have needed to do a correction day, I use your cheese and apple idea with great success.

    All in all, this video had enough misinformation in it, to render it useless.

    That's my opinion and I'm sticking to it.

  3. Hey there!

    I work at an HCG clinic in Draper Utah. It is called Pounds and Inches Away. We were wondering if there are any options of getting your book wholesale to carry in the clinic for HCG clients. Please let us know! You can call Jennifer or Danyelle at 877-993-DIET. Thanks so much!


  4. I found this video rather a milktoast approach to the whole thing but I am satisfied that it didn't bash the HCG diet outright. That's a big change.
    The nutritionist said it makes women more fertile--and then in the next breath said it was merely a placebo. So which is it? Does it have an effect or not?
    I often think that Kevin Trudeau exaggerates the mainstream reactions to things but I am now beginning to see it his way.
    As for me, I have had good results so far..20 pounds on the first round and 18 inches. My nutritionist who is the one who first told me about HCG did some urine and saliva tests as well as blood sugar and everything looked very good.

  5. I'm upset that the clinic didn't (or wasn't allowed) to respond to the anti-HCG doctor's statement about muscle loss. I also get really frustrated when people claim that there's not enough proof that the protocol works. Just because a few clinical studies didn't get stellar results (people are human- there are always going to be those that cheat, quit or clinics that don't follow Pounds and Inches!)doesn't disqualify the success so many of us have had. Argh.


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