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P3: Back under LDW

This morning, I awoke, fully expecting that I'd either have the same weight as yesterday (a test day gone the wrong direction and I was at +1.0# LDW, after I gained 1.9# overnight) or that I'd be a little heavier. I completely forgot to follow my own rule to stay at the high level of water drinking that you adapt to while in VLCD part of the Protocol. What did I do?

Um. I drank coffee. Not just coffee. I drank 10oz coffee with 10 drops french vanilla stevia, 5oz Half-n-half, and 5oz heavy whipping cream. (Absolutely divine, btw - you gotta try that one out.) Did I eat anything? Well...

[begin excuses] I was busy. I was dirty. It was cold outside. I was upstairs & there wasn't any water. The door of my room was blocked because I was moving furniture. [end excuses]

The short answer is, no, I didn't eat anything until after 3pm. Not a single thing. SHAME ON ME!

[begin thoughts at self] Naughty, naughty, naughty! No water AND no food? What are you trying to do to yourself? Gain weight again?? Stop it! You're hurting my... Quit it! [end thoughts at self]

The great news is that my body just wants to be at LDW or below right now. So, what did it do for me? It put me right back down to -.3# LDW. I love my body for this gift this morning! So, today, I've started the day off right, with 40oz of water before my first cup of Divine Coffee & an omelet and apple to go with the Divine Coffee. :)

Hopefully, I'll be rewarded even further tomorrow.


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