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Seafood Stuffed Zucchini

Today, we've got a seafood stuffed zucchini. We were at the store and it occurred to us that Dr. Simeon never said we couldn't mix proteins - just no mixing veggies. So, we gave it a shot today. We mixed orange roughy, clams, and shrimp together with seasonings and put it all into a zucchini boat. I think it could have used a little more salt and a little more garlic (but you know, I love garlic, lol), but it was delightful and got better with each bite. I'm sure you'll enjoy it.


  1. this looks so good...question, did you cook all the fish before hand? And Im assuming its P2 compliant, so did you find a gain or loss the next day?

  2. It was delicious, yes! We looked the original protocol over and saw that, where it does mention you shouldn't mix veggies, it said nothing about mixing your proteins.

    We actually did not cook all the fish before hand - we wanted the flavors to mingle with the zucchini.

    It's P2 compliant, yes, and I did find a loss the following day. I couldn't tell you how much now, that was so long ago, lol. But I wouldn't have posted it unless there was a loss!

  3. Hi Jamyme! and Mom! Really enjoyed see you both!

    When it started, I thought, wow, recipes are so much work! But this one wasn't! And all the utensils and such that you used, I have!

    You two are awesome. I envy you for having each other in real life to go through this journey together.



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