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Rant: GMOs, Fluoride, BPAs

I was just reading about a lady who tried to reach General Mills to find out if their veggies included GMOs (Genetically Modified Organism).

Essentially, after waiting on the phone for TEN minutes because "Your call is important to us," she got hold of someone who sort of hedged General Mills' bets and admitted that the veggies might be "contaminated." They said, in fact, that we should assume that there is some GMO in there, because "GMOs are approved by the FDA, EPA, blah blah, and that only foods that cause irritation or reactions are required to be labeled, so their food (GMOs or not) doesn't require a label."

You know what, though? The government also states that fluoride is safe, too. Ever looked at that? How about BPAs from plastic? The government also states that it's perfectly safe - it just causes obesity - hey? What's the problem with that? It's helping capitalism, isn't it?


I need to get off my soapbox.

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