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P2: TestV15o

Tonight, I'm testing out a theory of mine. It's off the historic protocol, so I'm a little nervous, but am also fairly confident in this. ::crosses fingers and toes and arms and legs and eyes::

How do you read that test name? Well, it's Test VLCD #15 Off protocol. :) Yah, I have over 15 tests to test out this round.

The first one I tested, TestV08o, returned a 2# loss the next day and a 1.8# loss the following. :) Yae! I call that one a personal success, but I'll be looking for someone else to test it out pretty soon. Any takers?


  1. Me I want to do it! I was told never to drink diet soda, but I am down 70lbs drinking diet coke all the way baby! I am all for trying other things that work!

  2. I would love to try it! I love these alternatives! The things I have learned from you has totally saved me. The first round I did ok, but the second round was hard. Finding this blog and learning about green beans,cantaloupe and other things has made me so happy! I drink diet coke and that is not allowed, but hey I have lost 70lbs so it works for me. If you are willing to let me try it out my email address is karolynn4@comcast.net If you go to my blog you can see my before and after photo!

  3. Hi TexasFamilyofFour!

    I'd like to send you the information, but I don't have your email info... (It's not on your profile.) If you'd email lessofmehcg@gmail.com, then I can reply with the test parameters!

    Thank you for volunteering to help out!


  4. Oh, silly me! I sent you an email.

  5. I'd be willing to try your little test! What's this about cantaloupe??? I've been trying to read all of your blog, but seriously it takes time, lol! I'm on my 2nd round and having a much harder time now than I did my first time around! Certainly willing to do any little tests you might have up your sleeve :) My email is crgnmis@hotmail.com


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