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Chicken Kohlsuppe

I enjoyed this particular soup with a cup of coffee (with a little vanilla stevia) that really set the whole meal off. The soup is a little bit salty to brighten up the cabbage. It's a little bit vinegary, too, which enhances that cabbage even more. Over all, it's just a delightful treat and *extremely* filling.

Chicken Kohlsuppe
Makes Two Servings
Each Serving 145 calories
200g chicken (110 calories)
6c water
6t chicken bullion
1t celery seed
1t onion flakes
4T Apple Cider Vinegar
shake of garlic powder
1 pieced dried shitake mushroom
1/2 packet of Sweetleaf Stevia
1/2 medium head of chopped cabbage (35 calories)
In large pot, combine everything except the chicken and bring to a boil. Add chicken (put this in whole) and allow to simmer until the chicken is done and tender, about an hour. Add chopped cabbage, allow to cook until cabbage is tender. Remove chicken, cut into bite size pieces in bowls and ladle the cabbage soup over the chicken.

This recipe has enough for two servings because this is GREAT if you put this in the frig for a couple of days and then heat it back up... So, enjoy one serving today and another in two days!

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