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Hmm - a postponement?

I think Mom and I have to postpone the next Round. Pa, it turns out, needs to go job chasing from North Dakota to Nevada! Yikes! So, Pa has to fly from Portland, OR to North Dakota on Saturday, pack up stuff and hit the road from North Dakota to Oregon and then to Nevada by the following Friday.

Then Mom heads out a week after that to go get the other rig in North Dakota, finish packing and move out of their apartment. Then she's on the road from North Dakota to Nevada. Being on the road like just doesn't work out for P2, in my experience. I've recommended we wait until she gets back from her road trip to start the HCG Round.

So, the good news is that I've got more time for Maintenance Testing! The bad news is that I'm not starting Round 2 tomorrow. :) :(

::sighs:: I think I'm disappointed.

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