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Yesterday was day 1 of P4!

Yesterday, I felt like a real cheater, but I knew it was expected and allowed, so I also felt soooo thrilled! I ate bread, a couple of Hallowe'en candies, potatoes, pie crust, carrots, a chocolate mint breve, and the were all soooo good. :)

Today, I got on the scale. And guess what? I gained .2#. POINT TWO pounds! Weeee! Before HCG, I'd have gained at least three pounds with that list. Hahahahaa.

Anyway, I'm not pushing it so much today. I've got a P3 coffee again (it tastes good - why change a good thing?). I figure I'll have broccoli soup for lunch and maybe pork chops (with a potato) for supper.

This diet is working! This is the real test of a diet - when you start eating "normally" again. It was a gain - but not pounds, like normal. It was parts of pounds. I just want to stay where I'm at and let it be Less of Me for the rest of my life.

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