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P3, T-5 Days!

Wow - five days left of Phase 3! It feels like forever ago that I started this protocol and cookbook and body reshaping and and and. I gotta say, though, I'm ready for a piece of good italian crusty bread with some butter on it. :)

And maybe a mini candy bar from the kids' trick or treat stash. Hehehe. I was soooo good and didn't cheat at all on those little candies but the peanut butter cups are still calling to me.

To get my mind off the candy and back to healthy, I focused on creating one of the final dozen recipes I need to finish my cookbook off. Even if I do say so myself, it was absolutely scrumptuous and I almost couldn't tell that it wasn't the real thing. The "noodles" sort of gave it away, but it was great with texture and I even got to turn the "noodles" over on my fork. (Nope, they're not those "miracle noodles," which I pronounced yucky and got rid of.)

I made the P2 recipe into a P3 recipe by doubling up on the meat and adding some cheese to the top of it. I know, that's sort of a pansy way to get to a P3 recipe, but it worked out well! And it was delicious, too. That's the best part.


  1. You are making me hungrier. Im on an apple day lol. cant wait for christmas thats my new load day and I will be having that crusty italian bread then lol

  2. Hahahha, Miss Mary! You and me, both!


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