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P3, T-2 Days, Recipe Book Index

I thought I'd give a preview of the recipe names included in the book! You have to click on the picture to see the larger image, but then you get to see what's in the book... :)

I just printed out a copy of it (color and had it bound) so I could see what the final product would look like, if someone ordered a hard copy of it. It cost $30 just to print it in color! YIKES! But, it's a proof and I wanted to be able to mark on the pages and make notes so I could check them off while I'm making the changes. So, Friday is the self-imposed deadline on this project - but I've already got two more projects that have come of this one! I've had requests, several times, for menu planners. And, of course, I had more than 100 recipes this time around, so I'm planning a second cookbook.

I think I may need to add a couple more pages, so the readers of the book know where to get stuff like Zevia, Butter Buds, and that sort of stuff and I didn't put down any method to contact me, either! I better fix that. Hehehehe...

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