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P2: "Off Protocol" Foods

With the release of our book, we've also been getting comments back that we're using "off protocol" foods. So. We'd like to go ahead and answer that now. We definitely don't want to get into a "purist" vs "extended menu" match, but we do need to answer concerns.

History: The original P&I book called out a limited list of foods. When Kevin Trudeau released his version of the diet, he extended the original menu. Since then, clinics and individual doctors both extended and constricted both the original menu and the one that Kevin Trudeau released.

Jayme got our list of allowed foods from one of those clinics that took from both menus and adjusted based on the results of their clients. From the results that Jayme shows, 47 pounds released, we are confident that the recipes within our book will allow our readers following Phase II of HCG to also release a considerable amount of weight.

In our combined (Christine and Jayme) opinion, results speak louder than any individual list of foods.


  1. Do you have a copy of foods acceptable that you can post? I am following the original simeon diet with only the addition of broccoli and cauliflower and I have only lost 28 pounds in 40 days which is frustrating. I am going to do another round starting in january and would love a larger list of choices and considering your success I would definately trust it!

  2. Absolutely, Michele! The whole list has been on this blog since August 31. You can see it at http://lessofmehcg.blogspot.com/2009/08/overview-of-what-we-get-to-eat.html

  3. My first round with P2 was very easy. I had a lot of will power! My second round was miserable, I just finished it and am on P3. Let me tell you if I didn't find your blog and try these other foods I would have given up! I was ever so excited to try green beans and cantaloupe. It opened a whole new world for me and I was able to pick myself back up and finish my round. I was able to lose 30lbs after I started adding the extra foods. So I am all for what works! I am 70lbs lighter today and so happy. I still have 78lbs more to go and can't wait!

  4. Thank you, Karolynn, for your inspirational story! Congratulations on your wonderful new body... It sounds like you and I started with about the same amount of weight we wanted to lose.

    We'll both get there, I'm sure!

    When are you going through your next round? It would be fun to have an internet group all starting on the same day to keep in contact with.

  5. Jay, I will be starting my 3rd round after January 4th. The 4th is my birthday so I want to do a load day on that day. I have to go out in style! When will you be going back on? Also let me note that no one noticed my 40lb weight loss, but after my second round people sure notice. Wait until you are done with your second round. People start freaking out! Feels so awesome!

  6. Hi Karolynn,

    Happy Birthday, a little in advance... We're planning to go through round 2 beginning January 2.

    I'm looking forward to someone noticing. My family is great about telling me that I'm looking good and it's nice to see "less of me," but I think they're just being "nice." :)


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