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Weight loss stall

So, my readers all know that I've been on a really looooonnnngggg stall of 16 days. Happily, I can't count today in that stall, though! I lost 3 pounds when I got on the scale.

You also know that I tried two different apple days and neither of them broke the stall. You're NEVER going to guess what did finally break it! QXCI. Go ahead, say, "Huh?" It's biofeedback. As it turns out, I was doing some serious detoxing. My liver, kidney, lymph nodes, intestines, & bladder were working overtime to get rid of the nasty stuff I was releasing into my system from accessing those fat stores. If you want to have a session, give my nutritionalist a call: Tami @ Daniel's Health Store 541.386.7328 or you can email her, too, at daniels at gorge dot net. (I did the email address that way so spam engines can find it!)

Fat surrounds the toxins we have in our environment and keeps us "safe" from it. Of course, it also makes us fat and gives us other problems (heart, emotions, etc)... So it's a catch 22 of sorts.

Personally, I grew up mostly in Hood River, OR - a beautiful, but very toxic, place. The valley grows apples, pears, and grapes mostly. But with those lovely trees comes the sprays and the smudge pots, too. For the first 10 years of my life, that's where I was and what I breathed. Of course, we had no idea that it was bad for us. It was just a way of life and we all accepted it at face value. There wasn't any internet then, so it wasn't like we'd get very far if we chose to research it. The libraries weren't connected and anyone who was researching stuff like that lived at least a state away.

So, there it is. Now that I'm forcing my body to dip into the fat stores of my life, I'm dipping into the smudge pots, herbicides, pesticides, smog, city living nasty stuff, and all sorts of bad stuff. I should be detoxing the WHOLE time I'm following this Protocol. Thankfully, though, at the end of it, not only will I be a svelt lady - ok, maybe not cuz I do want to stay curvy - but I'll also successfully gotten rid of all the stored toxins in my body.

That's a double release! Yae me!

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