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New pants & bra!!

The other day, I posted that I was down to my last pair of pants that "fit," right? Well, this morning, I decided to dig into my drawers again because my bras are also loose around the ribs and I'm having a tough time staying in them, rather than falling out the bottom.

That's one thing I'm REALLY looking forward to - perky boobs! I don't think I ever had them, even when I was first getting them. Heh heh heh. I have to rely on bras to make me *appear* to have perky boobs. ::grins::

Anyway, I found a bra that I plain old didn't fit into when I first got it. I ordered it over the internet and it was just too much trouble to return it AND I loved the lacy look that it had. For big girls, pretty bras and underwear are hard to come by. I paid a pretty penny for it, too - the tag was still on it and said $68.00! So, I tried it on. Guess what? It fits! I'm up and in again! Hahahaha!

Then I got this bright idea of finding the pants I did basically the same thing with. They're size 22. I looked at them skeptically, but Mom keeps saying my pants (the size 24 I was just bragging that I was down to) are looking more baggy. She even offered to wash them FOR me to "shrink them back down." ::grins:: I love my Mom! Anyway. The 22s had the tags on them still, too. $42.99. And do you know what?? They fit, too! I know have (thanks to my hording and laziness about returning stuff) 5 pair of brand new jeans to wear.

Yae me!

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