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"Miracle Noodles" YUCK!

Last night, I didn't post the dinner recipe because it was so awful. The spices were fine, the shrimp was fine, the broccoli was fine. The problem was the "miracle noodles" that I tried out. They were fishy smelling to begin with, but I was expecting that, because others said the same thing.

What I wasn't expecting was the terrible texture. When I tried to chew them, it felt remarkably similar to chewing on rubber bands. Honest! They did take on the flavor of my dish, but I couldn't get past the texture thing. Seriously bad experience with those. I don't plan on trying them again. They even made me a little bit queasy!

There's a few other things I have to report about my experience with those noodles, too. First, I found I was absolutely parched throughout the night and I drank 30 oz of water just before bed and then didn't have to wake up in the night, but awoke parched as well and drank another 40 oz of water. Guess what? I still didn't really need to relieve myself. :(

Of course, when I got on the scale, I gained 2 pounds. It's all water - I'm sure - but that just shouldn't happen when the only new thing I did was try those nasty "noodles." I know other people have enjoyed them - maybe I should find one of those people and give them to them? Yah. I think I'll do that rather than throw them away. SOMEONE enjoyed them, I'm sure. It just wasn't me!

Personally, I think the only "miracle" going on here is that they're able to sell them.

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