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First day out and about with a lunch

Today is the first day of the diet that I'll not be able to arrange to be home for my meal. The meat looks funny set aside in it's own container. It looks small and out of place with all the veggies and fruits.

I'm doing the shrimp today, made up with a little cajun spices because it's good cold or hot and there's no juices required. So, no microwaving (yae!) and no messy fuss all over everywhere. It also makes for easy finger food to go along with the cucumbers and orange that I chose.

When in HR, I'll be stopping in at Daniel's Health Store (Tami's place) and doing the weigh/measure thing there. Cross your fingers! It's only just four days into the low calorie diet part (Phase 2), but I'm still anxious to see what changes have happened. Maybe none, maybe some.

I feel a little silly being so excited about a thing that hasn't even happened yet. On the other hand, without that excitement, I probably wouldn't stick with anything. So, I'll keep my silliness and just enjoy the childishness of it. :)

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