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Finally! I lost a pound!

If you follow this blog, you'll see that I've been on a serious plateau for the last 8 days. The scale read the exact same weight for all 8 days and I was beginning to think that my scale was broken, 310.4#. It was the same, right down to the .4 every day.

Today, the scale read 309.0! Hurray! I'm only 10 pounds away from the 200s! Incidentally, I've not been in the 200s for nearly 6 years, so that'll be a big deal all by itself. It seems silly, in the big scheme of things, to be so happy about that single pound being gone, but it all adds up eventually.

So, what happened in the last 8 days? At least for 5 of it, my cycle got in the way. I feel like that is just such a waste of time and effort. Those dang things are *always* causing problems. Cramps, headaches, no weight loss for an EXPENSIVE method of losing it, blood sugar dropping out the bottom, not being able to sleep... Ugh! Make it stop!

I'm seriously thinking that before the next round, I should get the depo shot so the cycles will just cease (they did last time I was on that form of birth control) and I won't have to worry about a whole stinking week of artificially holding onto weight I want to leave. I wonder if that would work. I'll have to do some research before I put that one into effect. :)

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