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Dry Skin Solution

I have horrid dry skin that's really coming out with a vengence: peeling, cracking, bleeding fingers. It's not fun and trying to play cello with fingers in that state. :( I'm allergic to the soaps that the protocol allows, as they all have SLS in them. So, I started looking for something else. Where I've not been successful on the shampoo scene, I have switched from Ivory to Hand Sanitizer. No oils, so it's allowed.

Today, I was searching for solutions for a replacement lotion. I found an hCG group on Facebook who had a suggestion for me that's old as the hills: Corn Husker's Lotion. Upon looking at the ingredients list (I have some here at home already), I see there's no oil in it, either. So, it's allowed, too! And now I have my solution. Hope it helps you, too.

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