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Coffee Roast Beef

Tonight, for dinner, I had an exceptional meal. No one else uses coffee this way, that I can tell, while on the VLCD. This particular recipe calls for using coffee as a marinade. Coffee lends a deep, strong base to the beef and LOTS of flavor as well as beautiful color. If you have a really good cut of meat, this would be the one recipe I'd recommend for it...

Coffee Roast Beef (150 calories)
1/2t onion powder
1/4t chili powder
1/4t liquid smoke
1/4t salt
Shake of pepper
2 garlic cloves, sliced
100g roast beef (150 calories)
1 pot of coffee (espresso is best)
In bowl, add onion powder, chili powder, liquid smoke, salt, pepper, cloves. Press meat into spice mixture so it's completely covered (like a rub). Let it sit there while you make a really good strong pot of coffee.
Put everything into a bowl, add meat and cover
meat with coffee, then cover all of it with foil. (I used a small cereal bowl that was ok to bake in.) Bake at 300* for 3-4 hours.

Chef's Notes:
  • If you have a really good cut of roast beef, you don't need to pound it. If you have a cheap cut, definitely pound it thin first.
  • This could be a good crock pot recipe, too!
  • You can save the broth for another recipe or use it on your veggies.
  • Horse radish added to this recipe would be exceptional! Make sure to read your labels though, to make sure there's no sugar added.
  • If you saved your broth for a few days, you could add some hamburger, some onion or celery, and make a reallllllly good soup.
  • In Phase 3, the big difference would be to brown the roast in some olive oil, add carrots, onions, and celery to it. THEN slow cook it.

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