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BBQ Steak & Coleslaw

Tonight, I'm having steak and coleslaw. It took a little adjusting to get this recipe right but it came out wonderfully in the end. I did use the optional milk for the first time ever and that was also a good choice.
The recipe makes just enough for two cups of cabbage, but you can certainly add some water to the coleslaw dressing and make it stretch if you're having more cabbage!

Coleslaw (35 calories)
2c cabbage (35 calories)
1/2t Plochman's Natural Stone Ground mustard
1/2t lemon juice
shake of celery seeds
2-3 drops stevia
shake of onion powder
1T milk
Slice up cabbage real fine and set in a bowl to refrigerate. Mix all other ingredients in small bowl and drizzle over the cabbage. Stir the cabbage so the dressing coats it completely. Return to the frig for at least an hour before serving.

BBQ Sauce (You can get all ingredients from the Less of Me Store!)
1/4t celery seed
1/4t onion powder
1/4t garlic powder
1/4 cup tomato paste
1t ACV (apple cider vinegar - I use Braggs' ACV)
3 drops stevia
1 1/4t worcestershire
2 drops liquid smoke
salt & pepper to taste
Add all ingredients and mix thoroghly.

Home on the Range Steak (140 calories)
100g steak (140 calories)
BBQ sauce (above)
salt & pepper to taste
In 8" square of foil, center steak, cover with BBQ sauce and place in toaster oven at 350* for 1 hour to make sure the flavors are mingled in with the meat. Switch your oven to broil and leave for an additional 15 minutes, serve and enjoy!


  1. In the bbq recipe, what is ACV that is listed after the tomato paste, and is it 1/4 cup or can of tomato paste?

  2. Hi Kersten,

    ACV is apple cider vinegar. It's 1/4cup tomato paste. I'll make those changes in the main recipe, so it's completely clear for everyone who reads it! Thanks for the question...



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